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A quick introduction to PCI Compliance and Key Aspects To Know

PCI Compliance stands for Payment Card Industry Compliance. It is a defined set of standards/protocols that are maintained to protect the privacy of the credit cards’ owners during all the financial transactions. These protocols apply to all those concerns that accept credit card payments. It is applicable for all those store, process and transmit cardholder data. 5 major credit card companies came forward to create these to ensure a safe transaction and online payment experience.

What Is?

CASB, CSPM, SEIM: Do you know what role they play in operating your Cloud workloads?

Not long ago, when IT companies were into storing all their data on-premise, clouds were just white, cotton-like things floating in the sky. With the recent uproar about cloud computing, clouds are now condensed with your data. The advantages are overflowing, first is its accessibility. Using the cloud gives access to your files from anywhere […]

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AWS Events and Changes You Should Track For Your AWS Account Security and Operational Excellence

AWS Events and Changes To Track For Your AWS Account Security AWS CloudTrail service captures and publishes every action taken or change performed across any other AWS services. These changes could come as a result of Console use by a user An application running its code A SaaS partner using assume role running/ accessing some […]

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A detailed guide on deploying a web application on Google Cloud Run

How to deploy a Ruby on Rails web application on Google Cloud Run – A Detailed Guide with step-by-step instructions. Cloudanix is always happy to help you!


A Complete Developer’s Guide to Single Sign On (SSO) For Enterprise Applications

This in depth guide is written for Developers and Operators to demystify role of SSO, Oauth, SAML, IDP and various providers like Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, Ping Identity etc.

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WordPress installation on a subdirectory of an existing app (Ruby On Rails)

We didn’t want our blog to be on but instead the way it’s right now The web application is primarily a Ruby On Rails application hosted on Google Cloud. We wanted a WordPress site as a subdirectory to an existing web application which was running on a different tech stack (Rails) and […]